Part of the tradition of Tap is to recognize those who came before you. One of the crucial ways to honor that tradition is by acknowledging your teachers and mentors. Not just because it’s polite, but because it’s the best way to support, honor, and show gratitude to them.



Judy Bassing

Horace Turnbull

Crystal Chapman

Lane Napper

Savion Glover

Ms. Massey



JoJo Smith

Sue Samuels

Elka Samuels Smith

Aunt Flo 

Nana Ellie

Papa Harold

Uncle Ken

Aunt Mignon

Aunt Yvette

Aunt Denise

Grandma Anna

Aunt Judy 

Diane Walker

Pandit Chitresh Das 

Hank Smith

Gregory Hines

Debbie Allen

Phyllicia Rashad

Dule Hill

Yvette Glover

Dr. Leonard Reed

Dr. James Jimmy Slyde Godbolt

Frank Hatchett

Dr. Jeni LeGon

Dr. Fayard Nicholas

Dr. Harold Cromer

Dr. Arthur Duncan

Dr. James Buster Brown

Robert Reed

Skip Cunningham

Bruce Bradley

Mable Lee

Charlie Smalls

Juan Quinones

Leroy Myers

Chance Taylor

Abron Glover

Omar Edwards

Robin Dunn

George C. Wolfe

Joseph Monroe Webb

Baakari Wilder

Winard Harper

Chester Whitmore

Andre “Boof” Laurence

Sandra Bonito

Vincent Bingham

Jimmy Tate

James King

Reg E Gaines

Beau Carter

Carlton “Doc” Glover

Kelly Carol

William “Billy” Daniel Grey

Ditah Rimer

Billy Bowles

Ahmad Rashad jr.

Eli Fountain

Patience Higgins

Ted Levy

Derick K. Grant


Christopher A. Scott

Eric Denis

Sheila Barker

Christiane Matallo

Dean Hargrove

Danny Daniels

Eugene Mosely

Linda Engh

Jayanta Banerjee

Remesh Mishra

Satyaprakash Mishra

Kousic Sen

Milton Carter

Debbie Wilson